Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fair Valentine

If there were sharing on this earth
we wouldn’t need governments
which are all about insuring sharing
or preventing it for the sake of a few
whichever the case may be
but a morality of equality
remains unimplemented
and therefore inexperienced
by people on the earth
and yet we can think of nothing else
of course nature’s not fair
but isn’t it our job to make it so
to step in between the greedy
and the helpless to feed
and lift the poor and more

Biblical Valentine

Eventually evil must make enemies
of its own faithful followers
as not faithful enough
as not trustworthy enough
so they war among themselves
even here a little virtue goes a long way
at least at first to grease the wheels
though it can‘t last eventually
the destroyer the naysayer
destroys himself says no to himself
usually like a hurricane or a volcano
taking out everything in its path
until it stumbles back out to sea
the great sea of the knowledge of evil
back beyond the narrow straits of good
and the still hidden western passage to life

Look’s Valentine

I have broken an old law of the universe
that everything be seen twice
once coming and once going
the first look that sees something there
and then the second closer gaze
that sees something new
something never seen before
something just arrived
or was it waiting there
anxious to be noticed all along
because at you I have looked
a third and fourth time
gone deep into my subject
past science past art
and come at last to the true
spirit of your love my heart

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Literary Valentine

Like decorations coming down
and put away in boxes
the trees took off their gowns
stood naked as if to mock us
the child arrived and soon escaped
there was a petition for mercy
from Lapland or Madagascar
which arrived too late
to forestall a bitter winter
each day was like a line from a book
but every day it was a different book
and your job was to put them together
a possibility as deeply rural
as any post-modernist churl

could care to get

Space's Valentine

Just before they bloomed
he would give them away
just before they hatched
he would sprinkle seeds
on the doorsteps
then he would drop
every third letter from
the words of his speech
just to leave space
for licking or kissing  
just before before
just after after
just before they bloomed
just after the disaster

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Visionary’s Valentine

Amazing warning in the ear
small as the buzz of a mosquito
who disdains to draw thy blood
for fear of an explosion
or is it an inspiration
the faint memory
of another world
in the darkness a light
goes on suddenly inside
and you see you’re being
guided wafted carried along
always like a child or old one
and always there beside you
the one you love

Birdfeeder’s Valentine

I have a birdfeeder
in the shape of a lantern
and a shrub in the shape
of a tree and a tree
in the outline of a man
the way a child sculpts
its angel in the snow
would my soul leave
its shape in you
if there’s a god of crisp
and a god of lean
and every quality a god
and every noun
verbed and robed

Monday, October 5, 2015

Living Alone Valentine

I confess I keep an imaginary chore boy
who does my dishes and laundry
who makes my meals and bed
as if they were sacramental acts
but who’s often so rude and lazy
nowhere to be found when
the toilet needs scrubbing or
the floors beg for his knees
but no matter how I beat him
about the face and neck with kisses
or rub his head and back
and call him my dear one my honey
he still sleeps in like a school boy
I must rouse and make lunch for
and get him off to his day when all
this is what he should be doing for me

Sunday, October 4, 2015

True Valentine

The first leaves
aren’t the true leaves
the first bloom’s not
the true bloom’s color
the idea of blooming
recapitulates itself
in the first milkiness
before the true idea appears
like a messenger or a foretaste
I was open for something greater
quieter more self-confident than myself
so it’s strange to me that
the true leaves and the true flowers
never actually appear but send us
only pictures of themselves
as they might appear in space and time

Friday, October 2, 2015

Keening Valentine

At night I put fresh water out
for the birds’ early morning baths
and sweep the dim or moonlit paths
of today’s leftover leaves and doubt
with brief pauses to smell
the desert roses their’s
a strictly intellectual scent
with undertones of irony and mint
in the colors of fresh wounds
how can I ever thank them enough
for being here with me in the dark
with their last offerings before
cold nights pull them back underground
I sit for a while with the dead grass
keening and the new grass singing
just to enjoy their lovemaking sounds

Green Orange Valentine

An orange still green
hangs low enough to hit
my head on passing under it
a hard pre-teen orange about
to be infused with all the juice
and pulpiness that will sour
or sweeten the long gulp
to follow carrying in its genes
the first guitars of Salamanca
the hometown of the soul
again and again that green stone
beats me on the head like the knuckles
of Sister Margaret till I turn orange
but still I haven’t quite woken up yet

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Scalp’s Valentine

My hair grows long and weary
the grass grows longer and wearier
we must lie down together
under the same blade
our excess be shorn
cropped to the scalp
that a new green be born
out of the old white morn
I mean a man in winter
who has outlived the storm
and stands there like a stick
or rifle propped in a corner
we’ve been round this bend
before and may yet see the end
of love and peace and war

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Herself’s Valentine

Not to love his own life
but to love life herself
and to trust life transmitting her
knowing she cannot
die or not bear
new life out of old
she just casts it
off and goes on
having suffered resurrection
having exposed the fraud
of death the great bully
death comes easily to life
they become the best of friends
after so long the worst enemy
life herself starts to wake up

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Child’s Valentine

You insure
the abandonment
you fear
and thereby you feel
entitled to rage
and to blame
in advance of
a future certain
you’re terrified
of being so out
of control but
can’t stop it at all
your emotions
throw you around
like a rag doll
that could be
your child
or me

Fall Shows Up Drunk In My Yard Valentine

Whatever made matter
whoever made blood
the source of all matter
he gives us our daily test
the young fall down at his feet
such luxury looks like heaven
but it’s the same circus acts
morning evening exciting boring
the consumer is always consumed
the mockingbird returns
he sits in the yard and shrieks
I’ve come to save the world
give up you lazy freaks

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Woman In Us Valentine

What we were building
all along alongside
our huts of blood wattles
and flesh we were building
fiery forms of character
and personality heroic and
unheroic alike life
makes use of both of them
in an age in which the woman in us
seems more afraid of us
than we are of her
but she is our true life
and therefore what we fear

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Red Moon Valentine (on his birthday)

For a few moments of the eclipse
a thin pure white saucer of moon
caught and held the red blood
overflowing into it
until it all slowly evaporated
lifting up into the ethers
and all we could see was
the silvery bottom of a cup
the full and prophetic moon
ballooning  above the trees
but where had the blood come from
could this be the thing called the grail
we think because predictable rhythms
rule the cosmos it’s just a machine
that invented itself to destroy itself
but then why invent the blood

72 Valentines

Now on the soft breasts of their leaves
the naked trees lie down and whinny
like horses who sleep on their feet
or stars moving imperceptibly
reliving their great ship journeys
in the darkness every tree believes
in the power of its soul
to enter another world
so grand and free
not unlike its destiny
to always have been
pointing the way
and willing to be fuel
to get there

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Birthday Valentine

As you know it’s all a test
of metaphors and the greatest
of these is the I
but what if I told you my plants
are my sheep and I tend them
I stroke their long necks and
poke a little below the belt
where their pale thoughts are stored
curled in a fetal swarm
of ramifying gestures
I water them with someone’s tears
and plead with them to bloom
no I really do
and they plead back at me
in my own living room

Friday, September 25, 2015

Expectant Valentine

One feels with life
that the major arrangements
have all been carefully made
and one has merely
to show up at what
is clearly her party
and you are either
too early or too late
and have missed it
getting but one strike at it
I put the book down
and re-examine the mosquito
bite on my thigh
at any moment
the party will start

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Unavailable Valentine

Often I am ambushed
by the feeling I’m missing
something or forgetting something
I really want but can’t remember
what it is a piece of darkness
that slips away as soon as I
become aware it’s snagging
and reach for it it’s gone
somehow I know it’s not
even something available on earth
like a cup of coffee or a glass of wine
that elixir I thirst for
like ice-old knowledge
poured over red-hot garnets of love
until you know you will never die

Present Only To Attention Valentine

To honor an intangible god
we live in a tangible world
the ego still in its nursery years
sits up in its crib and drools
at any beautiful passing thing
think of humanity on the verge
of learning to drive the car
or think of the outer world
as a picture of the turmoil
in every human soul every
terrible/wonderful thing
that happens happening to all
and nothing left out or not useful
nothing not wasted on us
nothing not one with that will