Monday, May 2, 2016

Epilogue Valentine

In my epilogue days
what was written
is erased replaced
with blankness
but you can still see
something intended
was given there
and then taken back
refused returned
to sender like the sound
of someone at the door

but then no one’s there
a certain word on its way
but once arrived it’s
immediately rescinded 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Beyond Valentines

Beyond our burning desires
beyond our passionate natures
beyond our personal preferences
beyond our particular convenience
beyond the seas of science
dotted with little islands of art
beyond the cloud over my shoulder
or the army of mountains coming up
momentarily on our left
even beyond our dearest wishes
out beyond Wednesday or Thursday
out in the lost desert of desires
where love comes to graze
in the guise of a mourning dove

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Adrift Valentine

The pain churns on
under the drugged sleep
of matter devouring matter
while the spirit holds
your hand your head
is this the raft you lashed
together the patchwork
sails are starting to unravel
into the ocean of pain
gently rocked
you’re sinking
hold on to the sun
let its swaying
guide you down

Friday, April 29, 2016

Comic Valentine

Who is that funny guy
the one with no neck
you catch on TV
what’s his name
he said he wasn’t
coming back next week
having been a comedian
all his life he was prepared
to be found dead
of an accidental
overdose he said
he had despaired
of any sense
ever entering
the human head

Verdin's Valentine

The Verdin’s in
the hollyhocks again
an essay on chirping
and possession of
life the foolishness
of song which turns
into a weapon
didn’t nature change
the gods who made it
you have overcome the world
but we must overcome
the gods of both the under-
and the over-worlds
for pity of a Verdin

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vertical (Exiting) Valentine

A frantic Verdin
chirping so loudly for
one so small
flying from branch
to branch landing
vertically once
on the opposite wall
running up and
down the tall holly-
hocks inspecting each
unopened flower bud
loud chirping throughout
setting off a large
wheelbarrow  of sparrows
like a window
slamming shut
followed by louder
screaming and

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sudden Valentine

Loudly I
and the cat
at my feet
jumped up
and bit
my ankle
he just wrapped
his two
front paws
around my
ankle and
bit it lightly
and ran off
he’s still
over there
as far away
from me
as he can get
and not
leave home

Hard Work on the Self Valentine

I was a teenage asshole once
in the robes of a gnostic monk
I had a parcel of pencils
up my ass and a smile
to go to as my go-to pile
of shit accumulated
I too had had enough
before there was ever enough
I tried hard not to be
so hard on myself
but I didn’t want to
work that hard
so I settled for the sun
some stars your arms 

Seaward Valentine

Bodies come in colors because
humanity is really only
one huge rainbow though
ages ago the green and blue
passed over into the ether flow
our blue ice body in the sky
and then our warm green
plant-like consciousness
where each color dominates
for a certain time every day
for which the body is an anchor
the one holding the string
while high above the kite
of the soul breaks free
noticed aloft hours later
by a tiny girl in Kansas
tiny if you’re looking from above
heading toward the sea

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rolling Valentine

I rinse my wrinkled feet
in the stream of morning dew
and dry them with the first
rays of the sun immediate
childhood memories are involved
running and getting caught
so it’s a good thing I’m alone
unobserved in my own backyard
wandering through the new grass
remembering being pursued
by my mother laughing and her
falling down my sister crying
thinking she was hurt
the three of us like me now
rolling with laughter in the grass

Monday, April 25, 2016

Yes Valentine

I think the moon is really a prism
a rainbow in slow motion
moving each month
into a different color ocean
like a warning light
in a distant harbor
the last before the abyss
flashing on and off
but hope is a hummingbird
flying out to the abyss
and back with yes yes
it’s still there but you’ll
need wings quicker
than mine to cross

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Symphonic Valentine

In his final symphony
he explained how a tiny helicopter
would land in the string section
against a background of French
and English horns oboes flutes
but in the distance like water colors
echoes of Mahler and Miles
while a tiny conductor would emerge
from the whirling thing
ascend the podium
with the score of Appalachian Spring
tucked under his arm instead of a baton
beginning to lift now to another
midnight chorus another
four and five in the morning
another night ending in song

Lost Poets Valentine

His first great unpublished work
was Cross-Contamination:
Selected Everyday Poems
followed shortly thereafter
by Alphabet of Graves – A Ghazal
of Greece and Brooklyn
but no one remembers him at all
how in his youth he led
a joyful dissolute life by night
fleeing from city to city
while by day he labored steadily
as a scientist of the imagination
now who knows where his collection
of small stones from around
the world has come to rest
or the notes that hold the plan
for how to assemble them
into a new and livable hut

Friday, April 22, 2016

Haunted Valentine

After the strange robbery
the house felt haunted
every room like someone
had just been there
before I walked in
a crazy feeling at times
of being watched when alone
inside my own home
I was living with
an invisible thief
I was living
under surveillance
I kept thinking
eventually  he’ll have to
show up again and get
caught ghosts always
want to get caught

Police Report Valentine

A small glass jar
filled with change
thirty to forty dollars
was taken from
my night table
sometime during
the past few days
though both doors
are always locked
even when I’m here
it appears to be
the only thing taken
I had no visitors
except my friend
who would never
do such a thing
unless he’s trying
to drive me crazy
very unlikely when
he knows I have
forty more ink cartridges
to use up before I die

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Green Moon Valentine

Matter is sadness mixed
with a deep longing and
a dry talent for dooms-
day formulations
a heaviness in the room
the sensation of being
weighted down like a balloon
or like a baboon in a zoo
then a full green moon arose
I must say majestically
robed in her usual attire
of mixed choiring clouds
and the white heat of the sun’s fire
that the moon can still move us
after all we’ve been through together
and all we have still to inspire

The Way's Valentine

You can see these plants
are loved the way
an animal is loved
the way anyone
would want to be
loved even when
we try to make it
about something else
the graves in the starlight
the waves in the sunlight
did you have any idea
how much you were loved
and how old when you realized
nothing at all could exist
that had not first been kissed 

Mountain’s Valentine

I used to sneak out behind
the dark trees and the boulders
to have a smoke and watch
the sun begin his long
haul up the mountain
it sweetens the poison
to get away with it
but I was young and stupid then
now I am old and a half-
note less so but when
I think how far love
still has to go to penetrate
down into the earth
and up into the crowded
assemblages of the dead
with their accompanying angels
I tremble for the mountain
when the sun turns it red

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Waiting Valentine

While we’re waiting to die
why not try to get something done
I mean we have the afternoon
and a few days after you return
a lot of which won’t be fun
but now that death is stripped of its egotism
even the sadness of physical absence dissolves
and we can function in both worlds comfortably
and recognize the earth as a factory of the gods
safely tucked away on the outskirts
of a post-industrialist heaven
and why shouldn’t we
haven’t we worked hard enough
through science and myth
through religion and art
to face the truth of the truth

Noir Valentine

He likes to wrap himself
around my ankles
to prevent me
from getting up out of bed
he curls and whispers
it really isn’t worth it
no one will mind your
inexplicable absence
lie back here and hold me
tell me what you were dreaming
with such a smile on your face
I can’t sleep for the pleasure
of watching you sleep
I feel like a spy
on the subway of love
stalked by a private eye 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Credo Valentine

That the earth has always been a virgin
we ourselves leaving innocence behind
constant hunter-gatherers of happiness
that the earth has always been radiant
favorite of the sun doted on by the moon
that the earth’s grandfather was courage
and her grandmother the tiniest thing
that before the earth was this earth
it was just a ruddy flower
at the edge of a precarious whim
that after the earth is this earth
it will all turn inside out
the light will be everywhere
so nothing will be hidden
it will happen all of a sudden

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Still Valentine

In the monastery of old age
where one is cloistered hard
by blindness and stiff rage
in the monastery of the mind
where one remains celibate
to all but one idea
in the monastery of embrace
where one returns to the medieval
sources of harmony and order
in the garden of the monkish mind
locked away as we are in the skull
of each individual cell
even after all the dark woods
we’ve been through there’s still
something inviolate about humankind